The Temporary Greenhouse

            At this point in the season, it seems like cold, dreary winter will last forever. Projects seem to take so much longer in the winter; the season inherently lacks the vibrant energy of spring and summer that make you want to do everything at once. Of course, even at a snail’s pace, things do eventually get done, despite the pleasant distractions I sometimes provide myself with. My favorite distraction at the moment is an adorable kitten that we rescued from the Humane Society. Her name is Zen and at the moment she is busy thinking deep thoughts, like how to get back at Archi for following her around absolutely everywhere.

She is not amused.

            Distractions aside though, we have finally managed to complete our winter time greenhouse! For a first time effort I don’t think it’s too bad, although there are definitely some changes to be made for next year. I won’t say that we made tons and tons of easily foreseeable mistakes; I’ll say the we gained a wealth of experience for future endeavors through applied trials, that sounds much better! We decided to make sure that our garden was not just a useless plot of snow covered ground this winter, so we put our cattle panel arches to good use. Here’s a reminder of what our cattle panel arches look like in the summer.